Here, at Community Food and Regional Food Systems magazine, our passion above all else is food and making sure that the right food is more easily available to everyone, at all times. No matter who they are or where they come from. Everyone deserves to have access to good and nutritious food daily.

At any given moment, any one of us can go from being food secure to not being so. This can be due to an illness, a natural disaster, or even due to war. Our job here at Community and Regional Food Systems is not only to educate, but to also help reduce the stigma of asking for help when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from.

We believe that educating people about food security and changing the way that we produce food needs to be reformed. We can ensure that more people are able to be food secure.

How do we help?

We do this via spreading knowledge and awareness about what food security is. Sharing both local and regional food systems and projects to help more people understand just how important food security is. It is not just the problem of some far-off country but a common problem that can be found in any country and even our own neighbourhoods as we speak.

We have the latest when it comes to food projects and food systems, so head on over to the blog to start learning more now.