Food Security

The Importance of Food Security

Food security is something that should be a priority for all of us. As a collective, we are producing enough food to feed the entire planet, but still, there are numerous cases of people not knowing where their next meal is coming from. In some of the worst cases, people go days without having a proper meal.

What exactly is food security?

Food security doesn’t just mean having access to any type of food but to a range of foods that meets all of the nutritional needs that the human body has. Studies have shown that a person needs the right food in order to live a healthy life. For example, in a country where sweet food is cheaper than healthier food, it leaves people that can´t afford the healthier food with a higher probability of developing diseases such as diabetes.

Food insecurity can be caused by things such as a loss of a job, as was the case in Atlanta after COVID hit, meaning lots of people lost their casino jobs and experienced food insecurity.

Whilst physical casinos are shut, sites such as still allow gambling online. Online casinos are extremely popular and have helped many people keep earning an income during this tough time.

What does food insecurity cause?

Children from houses where food insecurity is present often tend to do worse in school than their counterparts that have access to food. The lack of access to food has also been shown to stunt their growth and go on to cause depression. Food insecurity can also cause the same in adults alongside other things such as anxiety, diabetes and they are also more likely to die younger.

Currently, we are producing food but with prices that don´t correlate to the value of the food item, leading to soil degradation which could put us all in danger of food insecurity in the future. The time to act is now.